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In addition, Penderecki was stealing checks Property Valuers Adelaide from his business partners at Peoples Bank, Finnan and then-Executive Vice President Marc Menne.

Together with their wives, Finnan and Menne formed a partnership called JAMS with Erpenbeck to buy his model homes and lease them back to Erpenbeck.

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Finnan says he didn’t know Erpenbeck was pocketing some of that money. But it’s clear that by the time of the tape, Finnan was aware of the scheme to steal the checks .

That was handed over during the closing of an Erpenbeck-constructed house. Instead of the checks being used to pay off construction liens, Erpenbeck kept the money. 

But Finnan denies knowing about it beforehand or being a part of the scheme — and Goldberg says the tape gives no indication otherwise. On the tape, Finnan and Erpenbeck discuss how they can shift the blame from the banks.

Erpenbeck asks Finnan what his attorneys are telling him about their potential liability to banks and homeowners.

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Finnan responded that Peoples was at “the front of the line,” according to the tape. “I mean, they think they can get it from you?” Erpenbeck asks.

“I don’t know,” Finnan responded.”Who knows? You know, it’s, we’ll basically fight all of it, and it’s probably a potential multi-year problem. But I mean we’re certainly in the line of liability. No question about it.” 

“Does he feel like you can play up some sort of defense?” Erpenbeck then asked. “Yeah, I mean the only defense is that the title company shouldn’t have given them the checks,” Finnan said.”That’s our only defense.” 

After exploring the legalities of what title companies are obligated to do, Erpenbeck said they should take some of the blame for not insuring that the mortgage deeds were lien-free — even though .

It was the checks meant to pay off those liens that Erpenbeck stole. On the off chance that you need to know your home estimation you will can settle on key choice about your property utilizing .

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