Tips For The Property Valuation Adelaide Buyer When Signing A Deposit Contract

In any sale of a property, one of the first and most important documents that you must take into account is the deposit contract.

It acts as a pre-contract for the purchase and sale of the home in question, by which the buyer reserves the right to the home that is intended to be transferred, through the delivery of an amount as a deposit, also contemplating the possibility of renouncing the purchase or sale of the property, and sets the penalty for the party that fails to comply or refuses to formalize the corresponding contract of sale.

For all these reasons, since it is a contract that  commits both parties , it is convenient to review some aspects  before signing a  deposit contract :

Identification of the dwelling, location, registry and cadastral :  Before signing a deposit contract, it is very important to obtain a Simple Informative Note from the Property Registry on the same day as the signing of the deposit contract. The Nota Simple will allow us to check if the property has liens, mortgages or other charges, which would pass to Real Estate the new owner after the sale. Therefore, it is necessary for the seller to free the property of all types of charges before the sale.

Sellers or authorized :  It is also very important that buyers verify that the people who are going to sign as sellers are the owners of the properties or people who have power of attorney for them.

Price of the house :  The price of the house must be perfectly identified in letter and number, and in both cases, both the amount and the currency or currency.

Form of Payment:  The form and terms of payment of the amounts must be clearly detailed. Thus, if one part is paid in cash, another by bank check, another by transfer, etc., it must be clearly reflected in the deposit contract. If the signal is delivered by bank check, it is recommended that it be nominative, in order to prove your payment if necessary.

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